Data Analysis, Exploration & Visualization with Excel

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Step 1. Launch Excel

Note that you must be using Office on Windows, Excel 2016 +

Step 2. Create the Query

Data > Get Data > From Other Sources > From OData Feed
Get Data

Step 3. Access OData Endpoint

OData URL via Primer Page

Step 4. Copy V4 Endpoint

Copy V4 OData Endpoint

Step 5. Enter OData Endpoint URL in Excel

Step 6. Edit Query if reshaping or transforming data is necessary

If your data doesn't require any transformation, it can be loaded directly into Excel, or you may Edit it to make any changes to it.

Step 7. Refresh data easily and all Query Transformations applied!

When you are back online, it's easy to get the latest data back into excel by clicking on Refresh.

Step 8. Data is ready for Analysis - Pivot Table

Once your data is loaded into a sheet, you are free to create visualizations, pivot tables and analyze your data.

Thank You!